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Save Someone’s Life Now

Vehicular accidents can be a life-or-death situation. Even the smallest bump could have fatal results. Don’t think twice and risk further grave injury. Be vigilant - contact the authorities or the EMS through our portal.

Report an

Whether you’re coming across an accident or are involved in one, reporting is the best course of action to ensure everyone’s safety. Don’t hesitate to report a car crash immediately.

Contact the Authorities

Not all car crashes are accidents. Hit-and-runs are a particularly heinous form vehicular accidents. If you’ve been hit-and-run, or are a witness to such an event, report it right away.

Contact Emergency Medical Services

Getting involved in car accidents can lead to injuries. In some cases, these injuries can be grave or fatal. Don’t waste any time - report car crashes as soon as possible.


Car Crash is a portal service for vehicular accidents. The portal can be used by those involved in car accidents, as well as by witnesses and bystanders. Car Crash connects the caller or reporter directly to first responder or to EMS after a live review of the accident report. The Car Crash portal is a real-time service that’s alway on stand-by, 24/7, and ready to receive any reports from any location in (which state? national?).

We Value Safety. We Value Life.

Being on the road presents unique experiences - and unique dangers as well. There will be instances where accidents can’t have been avoided, and when these accidents occur, the first actions taken can often spell the difference between a disaster escalated and a disaster avoided. Car Crash is a portal through which accident reports can be filed, which are then reviewed in real time and forwarded to the appropriate responding services. Car Crash values safety. Car Crash values life. Don’t think twice about using the portal today.